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Latest Submissions

This section will allow you to go straight to the latest material that's been added to the site**.
It will not include Drivers, Trace a Mate and R.I.P as these already have their own 'latest' sections.

Once you have viewed the whole website you can just check back here to view the latest additions and save having to trawl through the entire site to find new material.

**It was started on 01/07/08, although there is a lot of material on the website prior to this date, it would have been quite a task to back date it to the beginning.

Date added Description Section
06/09/21 1971 Morris Minor 43AM36 Odds 'n' Sods
10/07/21 Update on my Green Goddess SYH292
05/02/21 Researching Reginald Godfrey MTD 1936 - 1946 Odds 'n' Sods
27/08/20 David Gardner sent in these picture from Ghana 1961 Vintage
05/04/20 Looking for pictures of the Morris Mini/Mini Van Odds 'n' Sods
17/08/19 Liz Hall sent in these photos from her Father's album Vintage
07/05/19 Ivan Hardwick sent in 2 pictures from 431 MU & Seletar 1629
17/04/19 Mal sent in a Bruggen ASVS patch. Odds 'n' Sods
25/03/19 Mike sent in a 431MU MT Ops patch. Odds 'n' Sods
29/05/18 Land Rover, 24 AA 05, update Odds 'n' Sods
08/05/18 Balloon Squadron days from 1988 - 1990 Mugshots
03/05/18 Story and pictures from Gary James - AEC Refuelling Tanker Vintage
02/03/18 Did you know 1579270 LAC Freeman? Odds 'n' Sods
14/02/18 Were you at Antwerp Docks in the mid to late 50's? Odds 'n' Sods
31/01/18 Request for vintage vehicles for RAF Cosford Airshow Odds 'n' Sods
20/01/18 RAF Honington Green Goddess line up, Op Fresco 2003 Green Goddess
31/08/17 Weeton civilian instructor, can you help? Odds 'n' Sods
07/08/17 'RAF Exhibition' exhibits 1629
18/07/17 Calling all 317MT, can you help? Odds 'n' Sods
07/06/17 Can you help? Butzweilerhof & Salalah Odds 'n' Sods
03/05/17 MAN unit with HLT at Peterborough Truck Fest 1629
21/04/17 Info required on Belize MT sticker Odds 'n' Sods
05/03/17 Nigel Edwards added images to his album Vintage
02/03/17 WO Percy Parker Mugshots
17/02/17 Queen Mary and Fuselage Vintage
13/02/17 The R.A.F. Welfare Bus Service Vintage
08/12/16 85 Sqn Missile Display 1629
23/11/16 Driver Training Squadron Mugshots
04/11/16 Two Crusaders from Staxton Wold Mobile Radar fleet 1629
25/10/16 Wildenrath MT 1985 Mugshots
24/10/16 Spitfire delivery to RAF Bentley Priory 1629
14/10/16 51 MT Newsletter (October 2016) Odds 'n' Sods
05/09/16 More images added to Dick Charters album Vintage
02/09/16 Do you remember the OC 2MT circa 1940/41? Odds 'n' Sods
01/09/16 RAF Weeton aerial photo 1946 Vintage
13/08/16 Mountain Rescue Ambulance Restoration
29/07/16 Did you know Arthur William Watson, ex 317 and 431? Odds 'n' Sods
03/06/16 RAF Changi, sometime between 68/71 Mugshots
01/06/16 Queen Mary trailer for sale Odds 'n' Sods
18/05/16 Another 'Patch' sent in - keep them coming Odds 'n' Sods
25/04/16 Looking for a recruitment photo - can you help? Odds 'n' Sods
30/03/16 Did you deliver a Spitfire to Cardiff in 1952? Odds 'n' Sods
25/02/16 Stuart Crick sent this album in taken around Jever late 50's Vintage
15/01/16 A fine collection of pictures from Ron Bretherton's archives Mugshots
27/11/15 Can you identify this vehicle, Sylt 1950's ? - Solved Vintage
16/11/15 More images added to Geoff Pallets' page Vintage
23/09/15 A few images from Mike Tilyard at RAF Idris in the 1950's Vintage
19/08/15 A nice collection sent in by Michael Ward, Radar Fitter Vintage
30/03/15 Can you help?  BSA WD B40 350cc motorcycles Odds 'n' Sods
11/03/15 John Cann sent these images from Egypt 46/48 Vintage
05/03/15 Jim Clark added some pictures from RAF Buchan 1629
17/02/15 Reg Dobson added some more pictures from his archives 1629
24/11/14 Reg Dobson added a couple of pictures from RAF Gan Mugshots
23/11/14 Book added - RAF Labuan by David Bale Books
13/11/14 2MT Timeline (Additions/Amendments welcome) 2MT
27/10/14 Some 2MT pictures from Neil Redpath 1629
29/08/14 Reg Dobson added some more vehicle snaps 1629
15/07/14 Restoration of 2MT's Bedford 'S' Type - Can you help? Restoration
16/06/14 Modern day images of a Sentinel Tug still working 1629
05/05/14 Berlin entry permit and Benson patch Odds 'n' Sods
05/05/14 Brand new Seddon 1629
01/05/14 Reg Dobson added some more vehicle snaps 1629
17/04/14 Wartime airfield cartoon Odds 'n' Sods
13/02/14 Reg Dobson added to his earlier pictures Mugshots
09/02/14 RAF Stafford Band taken in 1960 Odds 'n' Sods
16/01/14 Seddon Atkinson outside 2 MT Sqn HQ building at RAF Wittering 1629
10/01/14 Reg Dobson sent these 2 loads 1629
10/01/14 Plenty of faces on these 2MT pictures from the early 80's Mugshots
14/11/13 Abingdon vehicles from the 80's 1629
14/11/13 Andy Thompson pictures from Abingdon Odds 'n' Sods
23/09/13 Did you serve at RAF Laarbruch? Odds 'n' Sods
17/09/13 Nuclear convoy vehicle clarification required Odds 'n' Sods
16/09/13 Final chance to save Queen Mary trailer Restoration
18/08/13 71 MU Scammell at the Great Dorset Steam Fair in 2004 Restoration
15/06/13 No1 MT pictures from Dick Budgen Vintage
10/06/13 Plenty of faces from Graham Cooper Mugshots
10/06/13 Pictures from Graham Coopers travels 1629
09/06/13 2013 pictures of Bruggen Odds 'n' Sods
25/03/13 Jerry Temple added another picture to his Fathers collection Vintage
15/03/13 A collection of High Wycombe faces from the 70's Mugshots
07/02/13 A Vulcan 'shute' tale MT Tales
07/02/13 Brian Freeth's Goose Bay pictures plus a few from Germany Vintage
19/01/13 A tale from RAF Sopley MT Tales
25/01/13 Link to decals website added for scale modellers Odds 'n' Sods
17/01/13 The first AEC Ergomatic Matador issued to 2 MT Sqn 1629
16/01/13 AOC's Inspection at RAFCDA Thatcham 1980 Mugshots
16/01/13 RAF Lyneham vehicles 82/83 1629
16/01/13 Belize pictures from 1980 Odds 'n' Sods
04/01/13 Update for RAFP Mobile Command Post vehicle Odds 'n' Sods
03/01/13 Memories of RAF Bruggen 54-57 Vintage
18/12/12 Can you help identify this RAFP Mobile Command Post vehicle? Odds 'n' Sods
19/11/12 A Goddess for the 21st Century Green Goddess
19/11/12 Rod Matthews collection of pictures from the late 50's Vintage
19/11/12 Red Arrows support vehicles at Scampton 1629
19/11/12 Avtur and diesel refuellers at Scampton 1629
18/11/12 1ACC vehicles at Scampton 1629
17/11/12 RAF Scampton's gate guardian removed & replaced 1970 & 1973 1629
18/10/12 Picture comments added to Cliff Lowe's gallery Vintage
14/10/12 Can you help identify Dog Display Team coach? Odds 'n' Sods
10/10/12 Mike Short and Doug Worton in Blackpool whilst on MT Course Vintage
25/09/12 Pictures from the recent High Wycombe reunion Mugshots
11/09/12 Gallery added for Cliff Lowe Vintage
04/09/12 Can you help trace Landrover 69 AA 05? Odds 'n' Sods
30/08/12 A collection of Tanker Pool vehicles from Brize Norton circa '98 1629
23/08/12 Reunited with Scammell from Staxton Wold 1629
05/08/12 Pictures from Brian Whitaker's archives Vintage
30/07/12 Pictures from Mike Short's collection Vintage
30/07/12 A couple of pictures from Belize and Cottesmore Mugshots
30/07/12 Reunion page updated Reunion
22/07/12 A collection of photo's from Ron Curant's late Father's album Vintage
06/07/12 Information required on Volvo FH12 and Low Loader Odds 'n' Sods
05/07/12 Rheindahlen ROSPA awards circa '78 Mugshots
04/07/12 "Highlight of my crane course" MT Tales
26/06/12 Ford Koln Buses in Germany Odds 'n' Sods
08/06/12 "Cameras roll at Bruggen" Odds 'n' Sods
06/06/12 Some unusual pictures of an RL based rocket launcher 1629
02/06/12 David Welsh in Eindhoven 54/55 Vintage
17/05/12 Church Fenton vehicle pictures 1629
19/04/12 2MT Sqn personnel circa '74 Mugshots
19/04/12 Wide loads from 2MT circa '74 1629
20/03/12 Honington line up 78/79 Mugshots
20/03/12 1972 Munich Olympic V.I.P Drivers Mugshots
19/03/12 Andy Morrow added a few faces Mugshots
19/03/12 Andy Morrow sent these taken at Bruggen 1629
18/03/12 Seddon 401 and display trailer at the Sheerness town show 1990 1629
06/03/12 Images added to Dick Charters album Vintage
05/03/12 A collection of Bruggen images courtesy of Charlie Booker 1629
28/02/12 Did you know Cpl Peter Murphy? Odds 'n' Sods
21/02/12 Seletar in the late 60's Vintage
20/02/12 RAF Bruggen as it looks today Odds 'n' Sods
18/02/12 Ian Aitkenhead sent in this Lyneham line up Mugshots
04/02/12 Noel Davey added this Bloodhound display outfit 1629
02/02/12 Bloodhound missile move to Episkopi 1629
11/01/12 Steve sent in a picture of a 39 seater coach 1629
10/01/12 Terry added comments about Tai Mo Shan radar site Vintage
03/01/12 MT Company's page added MT Coys
19/12/11 Details requested for refuellers and  55 str coaches Odds 'n' Sods
16/12/11 RAF News '47 times around the World' article 2MT
12/12/11 John Jebb added a couple of pictures Vintage
07/12/11 Eric Middleton added 3 pictures to his previous ones Vintage
07/12/11 A tribute to my late Father Misc
24/11/11 Pictures added, taken at RAF Gatow, Berlin in 1968 Vintage
21/11/11 Reply to question about Bloodhound missiles transport Odds 'n' Sods
17/11/11 Pictures taken at RAF Waterbeach in 1952/53 from Mike Short Vintage
07/11/11 Some nice pictures of 317MT Eindhoven & 2MT Lichfield Vintage
31/10/11 Does anyone know the history of Green Goddess PGW 326? Green Goddess
30/10/11 Sean Pollock sent in an update of his registration plate Odds 'n' Sods
25/10/11 Can you help with details of the 1963 Morris J2 RVT ? Odds 'n' Sods
10/10/11 Balloon Squadron Reunion pictures Odds 'n' Sods
10/09/11 A picture of the old Astra cinema at Butzweilerhof Vintage
06/09/11 Pictures of the Snowdon Smith Vintage
03/08/11 AP3025 (Standard Technical Training Notes - M.T. Drivers) Odds 'n' Sods
31/07/11 National Arboretum Plaques of 51 MT & 317 Supply & Transport Column Odds 'n' Sods
25/07/11 Do you know what wagons were used to transport Bloodhound missiles? Odds 'n' Sods
12/06/11 Can you shed any more light on these vehicles? Odds 'n' Sods
10/05/11 RAF News 'Kings of the Road' article 2MT
21/04/11 Can You Help with Wedding Transport? Odds 'n' Sods
18/04/11 John Temple's Father in 317 MT Vintage
10/02/11 A gallery of mugshots from North Luffenham 72 - 74 Mugshots
17/12/10 Keith Moore sent in a picture of a T54 1629
21/11/10 Present day RAF Church Fenton pictures Odds 'n' Sods
19/11/10 SYH 292 helps Radio York for 'Children in Need' SYH 292
28/10/10 Joe Twycross sent in these pictures from his album Vintage
23/10/10 Cold War Museum pictures added Vintage
26/09/10 Les Freathy added 2 pictures of Fauns Vintage
08/09/10 Roger sent in this working example of a Sentinal Tug Vintage
04/09/10 SYH 292 attending her first 'Show' SYH 292
28/08/10 Les Freathy added 2 pictures of Balloon Winch's Vintage
25/08/10 Looking for information on vehicle markings Odds 'n' Sods
10/08/10 A view of Scampton taken from the Medical Centre Odds 'n' Sods
10/08/10 Hughie Shafi sent in these mugshots Mugshots
10/08/10 4 Tonner and trailer at Scampton 1629
02/08/10 2010 Reunion page updated Reunions
13/07/10 Request for information on Karrier Bantam Trucks Odds 'n' Sods
08/07/10 A couple of pictures of Sue Secker's Father from her album Vintage
26/06/10 Information on Bedford Lomas Ambulance & Pantechnicon Trailer? Odds 'n' Sods
12/06/10 Kevin Turner sent these 3 pictures from his album Mugshots
18/05/10 An ADR licence tale from Des Roberts MT Tales
15/04/10 Ken Miller sent a picture taken in Khormaksar Vintage
04/04/10 Nigel Edwards sent a couple of pictures taken in 1955 Vintage
17/03/10 Paul Everingham sent this collection in Mugshots
18/01/10 Triantafyllos Metsovitis sent these Queen Mary pictures 1629
18/01/10 John Cone sent a tale about 'painting lines' MT Tales
07/01/10 Chris Burford sent this collection from his 2MT days 1629
05/01/10 Ken Elliott sent these pictures from Christmas Island Vintage
05/01/10 Ken Elliott added a tale MT Tales
04/01/10 Jon Northway sent a collection from his archives Mugshots
04/01/10 Information required for Landrover restoration Restoration
02/01/10 Steve Colhoun sent in this sign from his travels Odds 'n' Sods
11/11/09 Geoff Pallett added a picture of his square bashing at Bridgenorth Vintage
11/11/09 Keith Moore sent this collection taken at Goose Bay circa 1987/8 Mugshots
11/11/09 Pictures from Egypt, Aden, Weeton, Bicester and Bridgenorth Vintage
10/11/09 Looking for details of "54 MT Company" Odds 'n' Sods
09/11/09 Joe Snook answers insignia question Vintage
28/10/09 Eric Middleton sent these pictures from Aden 1954/56 Vintage
28/10/09 Geoff Pallett added a couple of pictures to his collection. Vintage
08/10/09 Trevor Backhouse's Green Goddess picture from Bristol in '77' Green Goddess
06/10/09 George Osborne sent this collection of pictures from Butweilerhof Vintage
29/09/09 Line drawing of the Austin K6 Crew Bus added to Les Freathy's Album Vintage
24/09/09 John Claxton & Dave Ellis re-visit Laarbruch Odds 'n' Sods
23/09/09 Paul Lund sent a collection of his pictures 1629
23/09/09 Paul Lund sent his wedding photo Mugshots
22/09/09 John Claxton sent this Swinderby picture from 1975 Mugshots
18/09/09 YAM receive Thompson Refueller Vintage
15/09/09 Possible Laarbruch Reunion 2010 Odds 'n' Sods
07/09/09 Can you help? Odds 'n' Sods
07/09/09 Chris Lacey sent these pictures taken at Guterslon in 1982 Mugshots
07/09/09 Allan Smith sent these pictures from his collection Vintage
01/09/09 Shirley McLachlan sent a couple of pictures from RAF Gibraltar 1977-79 Mugshots
28/08/09 2009 Reunion page updated Reunions
24/08/09 The Dennis Refueller currently at KAIA 1629
17/08/09 1966 Bedford TK Bowser For Sale - SOLD Odds 'n' Sods
12/08/09 A couple of pictures from my recent trip to Kabul My Pictures
12/08/09 Reply to Vanguard picture request Restoration
09/08/09 Response to badges Odds 'n' Sods
29/07/09 Ivor Morgan looking for information on his Landrover Odds 'n' Sods
24/07/09 Were you stationed in the New Forest area ? Odds 'n' Sods
29/06/09 Richard Coussens sent these pictures from his collection Vintage
25/05/09 Stu Wright Mike Walsh is looking for a picture of a Crossley 4X4 Odds 'n' Sods
21/05/09 Bob Moffat sent in a picture of him as acting SWO Mugshots
20/05/09 TACR2 added to Les Freathy's Album Vintage
18/05/09 Derek French added his memories of El-Adem Vintage
05/05/09 Martin Owen sent this picture of his Bowser 1629
05/05/09 Martin Owen sent in this collection of faces from the past Mugshots
04/05/09 Reply to previous request Restoration
03/05/09 Can you identify this Crew Bus? Restoration
23/04/09 Derek French added his memories of Butz Vintage
23/04/09 Stu Wright looking for information on his Landrover Odds 'n' Sods
22/04/09 An explanation of the RAF registration plate system Odds 'n' Sods
15/04/09 More Butz pictures & Gliding at Geilenkirchen Vintage
14/04/09 Dodge VK62 added to Les Freathy's Album Vintage
13/03/09 Geoff Pallett looking for info on RAF Fordson Ambulance Odds 'n' Sods
09/03/09 Geoff Pallett sent in a collection from his archives Vintage
15/02/09 Alexander Scott added these tales MT Tales
10/02/09 Paul Mason at Templehof, Berlin Mugshots
09/02/09 John R Cone sent in this picture John & Christina Graham Mugshots
06/02/09 Preliminary details for the 2009 Reunion Reunions
24/01/09 Additions to Les Freathy's Album Vintage
05/01/09 Ian Ingamells pictures from North Luffenham 1987 - 89 Mugshots
21/12/08 David Kilvington's Green Goddess pictures Green Goddess
08/12/08 Paul Everington sent in some pictures from his album Mugshots
05/12/08 Question regarding registration letter allocation Odds 'n' Sods
24/11/08 AEC Mercury low profile refueller Vintage
21/11/08 Laarbruch MT guys, after a parachute course Mugshots
04/11/08 2MT Article which appeared in Heritage Commercials 2MT
03/11/08 A piece of GSE doesn't make it onto this RL MT Tales
28/10/08 Queen Mary picture taken, I think, at Waddington Airshow 1629
28/10/08 Some extracts from The RAF Souvenir Book 1966 Vintage
14/10/08 Barrie Black's pictures from his time on 317 MT Vintage
14/10/08 Request for information on Eager Beaver fork lift truck Odds 'n' Sods
27/09/08 A Green Goddess picture taken from the Linton on Ouse Archives Green Goddess
19/09/08 Jack Smith's Cyprus photo's taken in 1957 Vintage
18/09/08 Eddie added comments about Tai Mo Shan radar site Vintage
16/09/08 Request for information on Landrover, reg no 48 AJ 11 Odds 'n' Sods
16/09/08 Erwin Rutzen who worked in Butz MT on the GSO staff Vintage
15/09/08 Austin 30cwt electrical repair trucks and AEC 6x6 fuel tankers Vintage
03/09/08 Pete Haley's pictures Mugshots
26/08/08 Request for information on Volvo FH12 6x4 Odds 'n' Sods
14/08/08 RAF Butweilerhof, 1958-61 - Personalities Vintage
03/08/08 Standard Vanguard pickup and M type 30 cwt Bedford Vintage
17/07/08 David Brown Tractors Vintage
17/07/08 3 members of No 2 Group Driving School RAF Laarbruch Mugshots
01/07/08 900 Gallon Bowser built by Butterfields for the RAF Vintage