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This page contains pictures from the archives of
Cliff Lowe, Cliff has previously added articles here, here & here along with a contribution to the MT Tales section.

Cliff has also written a book about his time as an MTD and a prison officer.


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Tai Po Road N.T. Hong Kong 1955
K9 Austin 1 Tonner on it's side...


... the culprit, Stan Cox


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Yuan Long Road N.T. Hong Kong 1955
RL Tipper, picture says it all...


... it's that Stan Cox again !!


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Leyland Retriever Coles Crane 1964 RAF Old Sarum
Last crane in RAF service with skew jib


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Paddy Ferrelli took AEC Matador Coles Crane to the top of
Tai Mo Shan Mountain, 19,000 - Hong Kong 1957


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Taffy Boyce rolled Standard Vanguard Pickup into Paddy Field,
Leyland 7 Ton crane in attendance - Hong Kong 1957


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Leyland Hippo on route Castle Peak Road to Sek Kong to RAF Kai Tak
 Hong Kong 1957


28 Sqn refuellers
Chippy Woods, Taff Meads & Cliff Lowe Hong Kong 1957


Big Wheel Move Down
Sek Kong to RAF Kai Tak
Hong Kong 1957


RAF Sek Kong Leyland Transporter
Hong Kong 1957


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RAF Quedgley
Hippo & Drag - 1966


Leyland Tanker &
Cliff Lowe
Castle Peak Road
Hong Kong


Austin K9 1 Ton
La Po San N.T.
Hong Kong 1955
with Cliff Lowe
"There's Smart"


David Brown Tractor
with Brian Meek


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Waiting for Avtur Sham Shi Po - Hong Kong 1956


Bondu trip out of RAF Sharjah 1962
"What's the shovel for?"


RAF Abingdon 1963
David Brown Tractor,
Leyland Refueller &
Blackburn Beverley


RAF Sek Kong 1956
Petrol pump, Tiny Mills
filling up K9 from
QL Tanker


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MT Section
RAF Sek Kong 1957
George Lamb & Standard Vanguard


K9 La Fo San
Hong Kong


Sek Kong MT close Castle Peak Road for 6 hours
in 1957


RAF Stradishall 1954
MK 5 & Standard Vanguard


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RAF Stradishall 1954 - MK 5 Fire Engine