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This page contains pictures from the archives of Stuart Crick.

Crick_Stuart_20.jpg (124198 bytes) Crick_Stuart_05.jpg (130562 bytes) Crick_Stuart_04.jpg (151868 bytes) Crick_Stuart_08.jpg (120593 bytes)
Me with Magirus Duez
& Trailer between
Jever & Alhorn
German Bussing
taken at Windmill Cafe
Jever to Alhorn Flyer
on daily run 1957.
3.5T Magirus Air Cooled Deisel & Trailer
101 Signals watch change
Ford V8 coach,
Jever M.T. Yard
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R. Marshal & Ford V8 Coach, RAF Jever Merc & Trailer
RAF Jever vehicle somewhere between
Jever & Alhorn
 Tony Shelton & Tony Hiscock? Somewhere in Holland. Anyone remember these 2 gentlemen from RAF Jever late 57/59 Baden Soelungen
Crick_Stuart_18.jpg (122530 bytes) Crick_Stuart_06.jpg (137412 bytes) Crick_Stuart_02.jpg (140506 bytes) Crick_Stuart_03.jpg (131453 bytes)
Jever level crossing The only British establishment on the Autobahn 1957/58 Station Commanders
(Gp Capt Hughes) Car
(Opel Kapitan) in
M.T. Yard 1957
Vehicle which ran off the Autobahn (Not me)
Crick_Stuart_16.jpg (89129 bytes) Crick_Stuart_17.jpg (47474 bytes) Crick_Stuart_19.jpg (95124 bytes) Crick_Stuart_14.jpg (38573 bytes)
Bridge over Rhine at Cologne, Taken when on skid pan course at
RAF Wahn
Two spires of
Cologne Cathederal
Autobahn, taken
from bridge on route Jever/Luneberg/Jever
Bill & ?
Crick_Stuart_11.jpg (55984 bytes) Crick_Stuart_12.jpg (25597 bytes) Crick_Stuart_13.jpg (44365 bytes) Crick_Stuart_10.jpg (36370 bytes)
T. Smelton, R. Marshal
& B. Langan?
Ned Foster from Kent H. Bebell, putting some creases in his trousers
Note: Fire Bucket